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I'm really glad DC isnt forgetting New 52 Earth 2.

I haven't read the issue yet but can anyone tell me if they killed off Alpha 1?

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somewhat. It's hinted he will be back. Basically says his body was just that, a body. His real self is somewhere else.

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Awesome thanks!

So is his history with them restored?

Love Kingdom Come Flash.

Love Kingdom Come. What a great comic book, a masterpiece

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I agree!

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I love these House of Heroes pages. Before I continue reading dialogue I always look around to folks I recognize or sometimes new faces. So glad it's getting used in this current era. It would be a damn shame if we dont get a Multiversity 2 or even a Justice Incarnate ongoing at some point

Man I want more Space Squad movies so badly especially after the last ones after credits tease. Probably my favorite projects Toei puts out

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