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You’re taking 100T’s strength and plugging it into one of the weaknesses of optic, so optic.

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You could say that but then couldn't you argue you're maybe taking Optic's strength in their Maddox duo away? Would Crim and Dashy be better than Karma and Kenny

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That’s true, I don’t think Crim would be a good Maddox at all, but I favor optic sightly. This version of 100T could definitely beat this version of optic, as there is more problems with the optic squad than the 100t. Worse Maddox duo, no grapple saug, but octane and Crim on the icr, would allow Dashy to do what he wants.

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Charlo was a -5000 on some sites, that’s why. Even though he is overrated as shit

But when Klopp says something similar it isn’t a valid excuse because he doesn’t have enough brainless fanboys

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-2 points · 9 hours ago

Who’s calling this a valid excuse other than this idiot.

Literally everyone in the first thread for this miss

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He is the only one who blamed the pitch, what are you talking about.

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Best Maddox duo in the game.

It’s kinda worrying to me how little rest so many players have nowadays. Random example: Sadio Mane. He’s played a long season with Liverpool with an extended CL run, then immediately goes off to AFCON duty, and by the time he returns it’ll be club preseason again. He’s far from a rare example. I do wonder if we’ll see more and more players burn out unless they’re managed carefully.

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In the game vs Belgium, the announcer said that callum mcgregor was playing his 69th game of the season. He also played the most minutes in all of Europe, and was back in training early for Celtics cl qualifying starting July 9-10. I would be surprised if he doesn’t burn out

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That team wouldn’t even get t24 in the am bracket today

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So excited to see shotzzy play. Was so fun to watch during h5. With school ending and my work slowing down in the summer, I’ve actually had time to watch some cod, and he always looks good when I’m able to tune into his stream.


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