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"You could make a religion outta this."

"No don't."

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"No don't" said the high elves, who were tired of men invading their homeland

"How 'bout we do anyway?" said the men

That was a wild storm, woke me up out of nowhere which is really rare for a storm to do

He was legitimately good, just couldn’t get his temper under control to get on an actually good team.

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I feel like if he mellowed out to modern Kurt Busch then he could have been so much better. I like his fire but I like him winning even more


Welp, I accidentally deleted my entire painting folder and can't seem to recover it and need to rebuild. What's on the agenda now is the 2003 contigs in 2048, does anyone happen to have them laying around?

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I have become a fan of F1 based solely on how much better their video games are than NASCAR’s.

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I don't watch F1, but I buy the game every year because it's really the only quality major motorsports game out there and I need my fix

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